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       Speak To Me Magazine, though it isn't as new as it might seem, is a creation that was first released on April 6, 2007. The original concept was quite similar to the Ezine as it is today, though the subject matter has changed completely. Chazz York, also known by his pen name C. J. York, created STMM as an ezine which was intended to enlighten it's readers to social injustices faced by the gay community and to offer support to those who faced bigotry from an unforgiving public. Upon its release, the gay community was quick to applaud its content and the reason for it's having been created. within a day the Ezine had received over a thousand clicks and a major show of support. The next issue received even more responses and was given rave reviews within the community which C J York had created STMM to support.

       After the release of the second issue, Chazz York suffered a critical health problem which was the product of a genetic Syndrom with which he was born. He suffered from Marfan's Syndrome, a condition which had remained undiagnosed until May 30, 2001. Mr. York was 37 years old and an aneurysm dissection had left him paralyzed from the waist down, laying in his front room floor, and fighting for his life. He ended up hospitalized in The Cleveland Clinic where their surgical and cardio-vascular unit worked feverishly to stabilize him and repair the damages caused during the dissection. It wasn't until he awakened in the earlier hours of the morning of May 31, 2001, that the was finally told what had happened to him. Beforehand he had truthfully had no idea that he was a Marfan's Syndrome sufferer. He had lived 37 years undiagnosed.

       In the process of recovering from his aneurysm dissection, Mr. York had spent all of his time working to regain strength and to heal from his surgical incisions. The three main things he concentrated on was his regaining the ability to walk, making peace with his having been implanted with a St. Jude's Aortic Heart Valve, and concentrating on the fact he had survived something that would normally have proven instantly fatal, and there was no explanation as to how he had managed to do so. Even his surgeon and the medical staff of the incredibly capable Cleveland Clinic had expressed that he was a walking miracle because they were unable to explain his having survived against all odds. This experience and his awareness of gay issues coupled with the desire to make a worthwhile difference was what lead to his creation of Speak To Me magazine.

       Years later Mr. York had introduced the world to Speak To Me Magazine. Soon after Mr. York suffered another Aneurysm set back and had ended up back in the Cleveland Clinic where a Double Elephant Trunk was performed. This procedure is the implantation of a Synthetic Aortic Trunk which involved replacing the entire Ascending Trunk. It was a two-part surgery that was performed in two sections over a span of a month with the first part having been performed, and a month of healing had been spent before the second part was performed. This was done because it would have been impossible for Mr. York to survived if it had all been done at the same time.

       In the ensuing chaos and extreme pain, Mr. York endured, Speak To Me Magazine took a back seat and was almost completely forgotten by him. He had a hard road to travel and needed all of his attention directed to healing and overcoming the new obstacles. His walking had been affected far more strongly by the surgery that had once more saved his life, and this time his work to regain his ability to walk was long, arduous, and not entirely successful. Though he did regain some walking ability he was never going to walk unassisted by a walker or a cane ever again. Without one of the two walking tools, he would not have been able to safely walk without falling.

       Somewhre between 2006 or 2007 Mr. York had become a Vegan to combat his issues with his health. He had spent years in blinding pain which had nearly driven him mad. Within a month of having adopted a Vegan lifestyle, his pain had been cut to less than half as intense as it had been prior to his Vegan option. Mr. York had intended to avoid meat and dairy for two or three months while he got his health under control, but a year of being Vegan passed by, and he now knew he would never go back to an Omnivore life again. The longer he has remained Vegan, the more positive he is that all lives matter, and that we are not meant to eat animals at all. He became an avid Vegen cook, and he now teaches people around the world to have any food they desire while keeping it completely Vegan. He boasts that no dish is too complicated to recreat in a serious Vegan way.

       Mr. York decided to finally revive Speak to me Magazine, and he realized that he could use this electronic publication to further the original aim which had been to lend support to enlighten it's readers to social injustice. Now, however, the attention would be focused on issues faced within the Vegan communities, and the issue of Animal Welfare in today's world. Above all else, Speak To Me Magazine will offer informative articles, multiple points of interest, an advice column, and perhaps even some light-hearted humor for its readers. Through the use of Social media and through word of mouth STM-Magazine will serve to enlighten the world and ultimately to further the Vegan Cause and Animal Welfare Cause.